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Enrico Piperno

Founder (CS&MS)

With the rapid surge in the sports industry, India is proving to be a prosperous sports ecosystem in the near future. Gone are those days when India was considered underdogs especially in the field of sporting culture and ecosystem. There were days, when a majority of the Indian population framed sports as secondary and a hobby. But a slow transition has turned the nation into a sport loving nation. In the present-day scenario, though cricket upholds its dominance, other sports have also made huge impacts and have grown drastically. With people realizing the importance of sports, fitness and various sporting activities, the market has opened up for a variety of leagues, tournaments and competitions at the highest level. With athletes and sports reaching a premium level, it is necessary to have a proper systematic sports management system in place

Wg. Cdr. Arjith Ghosh

Honorary Secretary, CS & MS

With the advent in science and technology and the economic value of sports, sport is transformed into a major career prospect in many parts of the globe. The competition level has increased double folds with athletes getting access to state-of-the-art training facilities and sophisticated equipment at their disposal. With broadcasting and media playing a major role, sporting activity and tournaments has reached million eyeballs and the marketing of the sport has drew the keen interest of fans as well as the sponsors. Sponsors have turned out in abundance to brand their products via the sports platform as it has a huge reach and direct influence on the buying behavior of the audience or fans. With sports turning into a lucrative global industry, the sporting culture along with its business model has transformed over a period of time. The transformation is immense that it has paved way for corporate investment in sports and stake holders. The development of the game and its wide spread marketing has attracted youngsters to take up sport as a serious career option. Dream to work in a sports industry or contribute towards the development of sport? Sports management is the career choice that you need to make!

Gosh - Image

Dr T. Ruth Shantha Kumari

Principal, St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysore

We St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru and Center for Sports and Management Studies (CS&MS), have one goal: Student success! We give them the opportunity to follow their passion for sports and earn a specialized Diploma, as they learn to combine Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship skills with their passion and carve out a unique, hitherto unexplored, but infinitely exciting and rewarding career pathway for themselves. They pick up skills with us that put them in a unique bracket of their own creation

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